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Forton Tail Suit
Hinstock 3-piece Suit
Hinstock Tail Suit
Sandford Suit
Prince Albert Grey
Black Tails
Hire beautifully designed clothes - and you'll look great

Choose from modern or traditional styles to get the look you want. At Freedmans, we make sure that you feel good and look great in clothes that fit perfectly and add to the special occasion.


We have the whole range of wedding outfits and evening suits with the largest selection of styles and accessories available in the North West, right here on our premises. We carry large stocks of exclusive waistcoats, cravats and accessories to give your special day the individual touch.


Suits are available for hire in chest sizes from 34 in to 60 in, and in short, regular, and long fittings. Boys' suits are in sizes from about three years old, and they are styled just like the men's.

Browse through the range of waistcoats and suits, then give us a call on 0161 480 3227. Ask us about anything you want to know.



An appointment is necessary

Because of Covid-19 regulations, you will need to make an appointment. While restrictions are in place, please email . Be sure to include your phone number in your email to us.

Please order well in advance if possible, but we will always make our very best efforts for last-minute bookings.

It is not necessary for every member of your party to book at the same time. When the groom has placed the initial order, we can add on other members at any time. Persons living away from the area can be accommodated if we have some measurements. We will advise you on this.

A deposit of £5 per outfit is required when you make a hire booking. Suits and accessories are the responsibility of the hirer and any substantial damage could be charged for.

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