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Highlandwear Hire at Freedmans

There's a lot to choose from! Take a look at our own extensive range of standard and select outfits. Then you will find details of our new Cameron Ross highlandwear in both traditional and more contemporary styles. All prices in this section are hire prices.


You can hire a full outfit, consisting of a black Prince Charlie jacket or black or grey Argyll jacket, waistcoat, shirt, bow tie, kilt, kilt pin, sporran, belt and buckle, sgian dhub, shoes, black or cream socks, flashes. Boys outfits may have different jackets and may exclude some items; please check when you book.

Example of an elaborate kilt pin,
which can be purchased from Freedmans.
The kilt pin became fashionable
in the 1800s, and today is always
worn on the kilt.



Lists of standard and select tartans are given below.

We will also be pleased to quote for outfits including plaids or alternative jacket or waistcoat styles and colours.

If you have any questions about our hire services, please phone 0161 480 3227.     

Please note that only the tartans marked * are available in-store to try before booking.
However, samples and images of ALL our tartans can be viewed in-store.


Anderson Modern

McKenzie Modern

Baird Modern




Black Dark Island

National Pride

Black Island


Black Plain

Pride of Ireland

Black Spirit

Pride of Scotland

Black Watch*

Pride of Scotland Ancient

Blue Spirit

Pride of Wales


Autumn Pride

Cameron of Erracht

Gold Pride

Highland Pride


Platinum Pride

Charcoal Plain

Silver Pride

Douglas Modern*


Earl of St Andrews

Ramsey Blue

Flower of Scotland*

Rangers Dress

Gordon Dress

Rangers F.C. (Former)

Grey Granite

Grey Spirit

Robertson Modern

Gunn Modern

Scottish National*

Hebridean Heather

Irish National*

Spirit of Scotland


Stewart Grey

Lindsey Modern

Stewart Hunting

McCleanne of Duart Modern

Stewart Royal

MacDonald of the Isles Hunting Ancient  

Stewart Weathered Dress

McKenzie Ancient

Welsh National

Buchanan Modern

McLeod of Harris

Frazer Red

Murray of Athol Ancient

Highland Heather


Page boys not available in these select 









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