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Wedding Suits and Evening Suits

The latest designs in wedding suits from Freedmans - Tails, Tweed Suits and Lounge Suits - in a great choice of colours. You can match them with any waistcoat and cravat to get the look for your wedding.


Dinner jackets (evening suits) are at the end of our gallery of pictures.

Phone us for enquiries or to make an appointment:  0161 480 3227 or 07764 604 799 


Click any pic to see more detail.

Tweed Brocton.jpg

Superb blue tweed suit

Tweed Tibberton.jpg

Tweed suit in brown

Loung Suit Uppington.jpg
Tweed Grafton.jpg

All-wool tweed three-piece suit in grey

Modern navy lightweight mohair suit. Looks stunning with your choice of waistcoat.

Black lightweight wool lounge suit, an alternative to tailcoats. Shown with an optional waistcoat.

Lounge Suit Coalport.jpg

Three-piece lounge suit in royal blue


Three-piece lounge suit in silver-grey


Boys silver-grey tails and matching waistcoat, shown with coral cravat and tie


Silver-grey lightweight mohair tails, shown with a white and purple waistcoat and dark purple cravat


Grey Prince Albert, shown with silver waistcoat and dark wine cravat


Grey herringbone tails, shown here with striking pink waistcoat and cravat. A top hat is the perfect finishing touch with tails


Black herringbone wool Prince Albert shown with ivory waistcoat and lime cravat. Worn unbuttoned to show the waistcoat


Classic black tails with striped trousers shown with double-breasted waistcoat


Cravat colours. Please note that photography and the settings of your screen mean that colours may not be exact.


Navy tails in lightweight mohair, shown with a dusky pink cravat and silver waistcoat


Three-piece navy lounge suit in mohair


Three-piece lounge suit in beige mohair


Three-piece lounge suit in charcoal grey mohair. Superb lapel shape and covered buttons.


Charcoal grey lightweight modern tails, shown with silver waistcoats and dark wine cravats


Royal blue tails, shown with ivory waistcoat and sky blue cravat

dinner suit

Evening suit (dinner jacket with black dress trousers)

white tux

White tuxedo jacket worn with black dress trousers and black bow tie

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